3 Tips to Help Mitigate Headaches & Migraines

Headaches & Migraines Treatment

Migraines are more than just a headache. It causes throbbing in a particular area that varies in intensity and can be extremely disturbing.

Most people believe that a migraine is a severe headache, rather a headache is just a symptom of a migraine.

A migraine is a primary disorder, and the exact causes of migraines are unknown, but stress, bright lights, strong smells in perfumes, and secondhand smoke causes migraine. Hence, we ought to be careful of the extent to which we inhale things and stress ourselves in school or at work.

Migraines can begin from early childhood and may not occur till one gets to early adulthood. Females are more likely to have migraines than men.

Nevertheless, our team at Tahoe Chiropractic Clinic in South Lake Tahoe has 3 lifestyle tips that can help you get rid of headaches and migraines.

1. Water

Water is the most common reason people experience headaches and migraines. Water plays an important role in our everyday lives and to stay healthy, you have to drink a lot of water.

Dehydration often leads to migraines as well as headaches. Studies have shown that inadequate hydration is a common cause of headaches and migraines. Drinking water has been shown to relieve headaches within 30 minutes to 3 hours. 

When some people do not drink water, they get a headache or a migraine-This means that dehydration is a known trigger of migraines. Therefore, you have to make sure you’re taking enough water.

To calculate the volume of water you should be drinking every day, take your body weight and cut it in half. That is the number of ounces you should consume of water every day. It’s easy to let the day go by and forget to stay on top of your water consumption. Start your day with a big cup of water to get going on the right foot and for a better and overall healthy life.

2. Blue Light Glasses

If you find yourself getting a lot of screen time on a regular basis, then try using blue light glasses. Wearing blue light glasses can definitely help in getting rid of headaches and migraines by eliminating light from displays that you have become sensitive to.

These blue light glasses are really effective at blocking blue light waves. Blue lights from our phone screen, television, or computer screen can trigger a migraine attack. The visual stimulation from these electronic devices can overload our brains, giving us a bad effect.

Headache and migraine specialists recommend that we limit screen time.

Blue light glasses are so comfy to wear that you can wear them all day to prevent getting a headache or migraine. It has no adverse effects when worn all day and can be easily applied to your everyday dressing glasses.

Patients with migraines have recorded relief with the use of blue light glasses. It has reduced discomfort by up to 70%.

It is advisable to take breaks from your computer screen, reduce your computer screen glare, clean your computer display and use the 20-20-20 rules to rest your eyes to avoid headaches or migraine.

Studies have also shown that blocking blue light from entering one’s eye after sundown can also help give you a better night’s rest.

3. Less Caffeine

A lot of people rely heavily on caffeine throughout the day. Our consumption of caffeine has increased drastically over the last few decades. It’s gotten to the point where people actually have caffeine withdrawal if they don’t get their daily dose.

Caffeine is not ideal for overall health, and it’s recommended to monitor your intake. Having too much caffeine can cause headaches and migraines, so if you’re experiencing head pain, it could be related to your caffeine consumption.

Our suggestion is to keep tabs on how much caffeine you are consuming and work towards a plan to reduce your regular caffeine intake. It will help with your headaches, migraines, and your overall health to be a minimal caffeine diet.

Still, Having Headaches & Migraines?

Chiropractor - Dr. Tim

By making these lifestyle changes, you should see improvement in your headaches and migraines. If not, it’s highly recommended to see a Chiropractor in South Lake Tahoe. There could be another underlying cause that your body is trying to communicate with you. Our Chiropractic team is trained in finding the root cause of your headaches and building a care plan to help resolve those issues.

Studies have shown that many headaches start in the neck, and spinal manipulation is an effective treatment for tension headaches that originate in the neck and spine area. If your headaches are starting from an issue in the neck or spine, then seeing our team at Tahoe Chiropractic Clinic is going to help get those underlying issues resolved.

You don’t have to live with headaches and migraines, so don’t wait to get the help you need. Give us a call and let us help get your headaches and migraines under control.

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